Community Listings

Our mission is to help Wisconsin residents and guests find fun and affordable things to do in Wisconsin. Ironically, one of the best places to find exactly this type of recreation is right in front of us -within our community and non-profit organizations. That’s why we offer special FREE listings for non-profit organizations.*

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Price Name Description
    Community/Non-profit  –annual listing
$0.00 Community-Listing Add your non-profit organization information to RelaxWisconsin.com to help your organization get found by visitors and volunteers.
$0.00  Community Event Add your non-profit event info to RelaxWisconsin.com to help get your non-profit event found.

Coming soon! Our Community connection page that will allow non-profits and community organizations to be listed in our Association Directory.

*By choosing one of the above options you certify that you are appropriately affiliated with the non-profit organization or event that you are listing. RelaxWisconsin.com reserves the right to terminate the offer and/or individual listings at any time, without advance notification or reason.