Live Bald Eagle Cam

Update Spring 2013, Owl:

This nest has been taken over by an owl. George and Martha, last year’s Eagle Parents, have left the nest. This owl is named Bonnie. She is waiting patiently for her eggs to hatch –at any time. At the time of this writing, there was just an attack on the nest by some other type of bird (unclear), and those following this event are wondering if the eggs became too cold when Bonnie left the nest for a short time. So thanks for following and stay tuned…

Original Post from Spring 2012, Eagles:

Here’s a cool Wisconsin sight. An embedded camera watching a Wolf River Eagles nest. Located on the banks of the Wolf River in Wisconsin, these bald eagles have built a nest in a large white pine tree. You won’t be able to take this in first-hand though, the nest is not viewable from any roadway and rests on private property.

Wolf River Cam’s equipment is a pan/tilt/zoom camera with infrared lighting. They also have a fixed camera, that they will use in the event of a main camera failure. Coming soon, audio will be enabled, so visitors can hear the sounds of the eagles and their young in the wild.