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  Start4Free Get Found Reach Out Custom Websites
Annual Subscription $0.00 – 90 day trial $49.00 $99.00 Starting at $399.00
Name, Address, Phone Yes Yes Yes Yes
Business Description Yes- limited Yes Yes Yes
Pricing details Nope Yes Yes Yes
Easy Upload Photos 1 3 5 5
Website link Nope Yes Yes Yes
Email link Nope Yes Yes Yes
Facebook link Nope Yes Yes Yes
Twitter link Nope Nope Yes Yes
Custom link Nope Nope Yes Yes
Sub-category type Nope Nope Yes Yes
Amenities based on category Nope Nope Yes Yes
Advanced Search Features        
   3 location types (region, county, city) Yes Yes Yes Yes
price range Yes Yes Yes Yes
Choose an Option  Relax Wisconsin Start for Free Relax Wisconsin Get Found Relax Wisconsin Reach Out Relax Wisconsin Custom Web Design


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