Bear Cub Sighting North of Appleton

Here are a couple of pics of a bear cub watching Appleton’s Friday night commute near County A and JJ. Funny stuff, he just sat there watching the traffic go by. According to a couple of bikers he was there for about five minutes.

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Sturgeon Spawning in Shiocton

Spring’s a little late this year, but coming sooner than you think it will be time for the sturgeon to spawn again. Leave it to Wisconsinites to come out in droves to celebrate the cycle of life. This is a pretty simple thing to take in, just drive there, park and step out along the

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RelaxWisconsin.com- Something for Everyone

Relax Wisconsin -login

PRESS RELEASE- Feb 20, 2012- Announcing Relax Wisconsin, RelaxWisconsin.com, an innovative web-based resource that features detailed information for recreation all around Wisconsin. Based in Appleton, WI, Relax Wisconsin helps people find things like activities, dining, shopping and accommodations. The unique advanced search tool lets visitors choose exactly what they

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Is it time to relax, but you don’t know where to start? Relax Wisconsin! We’re here to help.

See the sights or take a tour, Go to an event or take in a game, Play in Wisconsin’s natural resources, Ponder about our art, history and culture.

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Will There Be Sturgeon Spearing in 2012?

So far, El Nino has spared Northeast Wisconsin from its typical cold and blustry weather this winter. Although, most people are happy about it, that doesn’t include winter sports enthusiasts, like Sturgeon Spearers aka Sturgeon Hunters. The big question. Will Winnebago freeze over enough to enjoy the season?

The 2012 Winnebago System (Lake Winnebago

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