Network & Promote

  • How do I leverage my listing on to increase exposure?

The team will be promoting your listings online and through personal appearances. In addition here are some things you can do to help GET THE WORD OUT!

  • Tell your friends to check out when planning their next adventure.
  • Comment positively and often on other listings with -we grow stronger together!
  • ‘Like’ us, ‘share’ us and ‘comment’ on us on Facebook
  • Follow us on Twitter
  • Tweet about your listing on Relax
  • ‘Pin’ your favorite spots on Pinterest
  • Link your website to your listing on Relax

Techie stuff

  • How to link a site:  Copy (cntrl C) and paste (cntrl V) your listing’s RelaxWi web address (url – found at top left of browser pane) and share via email, your website and on your favorite social networks.