Milwaukee Brewing Company

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Check out this upstart craft brewery and tour in Milwaukee for a fun afternoon. This group of brewers take their beer making seriously, but endearingly, take themselves very lightly. From the minute you step foot in the doors of the Milwaukee Brewery Company, you’re in for some light-hearted beer loving fun. MKE Apparel

Their branding is cool with a logo that looks like a hex-nut with the airport code MKE inside. Their uniforms look like they belonged at the airport -maybe circa 1965. Bicycles hanging in the shipping area, discreetly tell you that this is one of those businesses that support and celebrate their employees.  

The tour starts with a trip to the tasting bar, where you get a full 20 oz glass of beer from a choice of about 10 options on any given day. Then watch a short video that offers a bit the brewery’s background from the brewery owner. Our guide, Tim with the awesome mustache, is probably a stand up comedian when he isn’t giving tours. His love for the company, and its beer, with a strong knowledge of the process offer just the right combination. 

You come away, after a couple stops back to the bar, with an appreciation of their mission (which seems to be to get you to drink and love their beer) and values (to be known for their environmental practices with the use of bio-diesel and upcoming solar). These environmental practices most recently put them in the limelight for a visit from Gov. Walker (we think he just wanted the free beer, too).   

Price Details

There is a charge for this tour, but for $7 you get a 20 oz ale glass, free tasting for ‘1/2 hour’ with many regular beer options and two tokens for ‘premium’ options like their Double IPA., plus a token that can be used at another time at any one of 20 local establishments (get a map). The only thing missing was a ride home, because with this tour you will want one. 


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Phone: (414) 226-2337

Address: 613 S 2nd St, Milwaukee, WI, 53204
Facebook: Visit Milwaukee Brewing Company on Facebook

Twitter: Visit Milwaukee Brewing Company on Twitter

Ideal for: Couples, Girls Weekend, For the Guys, Seniors, Active, Nature Lovers

Season: All Seasons

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